Company L


Julius Ochs Adler

Company L


Captain Herman H. Fahr
Captain James H. O'Reilly

First Lieutenant Robert B. Fleischer
First Lieutenant M. Campbell Lorini
First Lieutenant Ferdinand G. Sanford

Second Lieutenant Herbert C. Herr
Second Lieutenant Arthur P. Hess
Second Lieutenant Steven J. Hirsch
Second Lieutenant Richard F. Kirkpatrick
Second Lieutenant John Acton Parker
Second Lieutenant George F. Toye

Aden, Harvey B . Sergeant
Allen, Cleo H . Private
Allen, William W . Private
Ambrose, William Private First Class
Amico, Charles Private
Anderson, Arthur J.* Private First Class
Balbi, Innocenzo Private
Basso, Robert Private
Bates, Frank * Private
Battagliola, Joseph Private First Class
Bambis, Edward R . Corporal
Beam, Elmer R . Private
Bean, Guy Cook
Behrens, Louis Private
Bender, Charles F . First Sergeant
Berger, John C . Private
Blackburn, Thomas M . Private First Class
Blair, Lewis W . Private
Blanchard, Lester H . Private
Bolognetta, Salvatore Private First Class
Braverman, Benjamin Corporal
Brehney, James Sergeant
Brenn, David Corporal
Brooks, Frederick J . Private
Brose, Paul M . Private
Burns, John R . Sergeant
Burrell, Burleigh C . Private
Burstein, David Sergeant
Caldwell, George J . Private
Calestrino, Anthony Private

Cangislose, Charles Private
Cardone, Sebastiano Private First Class
Carney, Harry J . Corporal
Cochran, James E . Private
Cohen, Herbert E . Sergeant
Cook, Joseph F . Private
Coughlin, John J . Private First Class
Coughlin, Leo G . Private
Cowen, Claud Private
Cummings, Clarence H . Private
Curley, John W . Private
Damico, Joseph Private
Darcy, James Private
Dalshanty, William J .................................. Sergeant
Delaney, Thomas A . Private
DeLuca, Dominick Private
Denson, Melvin Private
Devlin, Patrick J . Private
Difasi, Vito A . Private
Dilworth, Daniel Private First Class
Dineen, James J . Private
Dolan, Albert J . Private First Class
Donnelly, Thomas, Jr . Cook
Donnini, Daniel Private
Dooley, Thomas G . Corporal
Doscher, Fabian Corporal
Dowling, Edward F . Corporal
Drews, Charles G . Private
Dubois, Andrew Sergeant
Duffy, Daniel Private First Class
Eagan, Edward L . Corporal
Edes, David 0. N . Private First Class
Edwards, Bert R . Supply Sergeant
Engel, Clarence Private
Erikson, Linus Private First Class
Etts, Sherman Private
Feeney, Henry F . Private
Finn, Edward D . Corporal
Fitzgerald, William Private First Class
Fitzpatrick, Edward, Jr.* Private First Class
Fogarty, William J . Private First Class
Fonteine, Louis H . Sergeant
Forde, Patrick Private
Franke, William F . Private First Class
Freund, Tobias S . Sergeant
Fuller, Walter B . Private
Gaddi, John Corporal
Gallagher, Peter C . Private
Gallant, Joseph A . Private
Gannon, James H . Private First Class
Giovaniello, Francisco Private
Glotzer, Louis Corporal
Glover, Robert .......................................... Private

Goldfarb, Harry * Private First Class
Grosman, Abraham J . Sergeant
Grossman, Jacob Private First Class
Guerin, Michael Cook
Gurvin, Charles A . Private
Haarstick, Herman C. W . Private
Haerens, Louis Private
Hatstad, Carl A . Private
Halvorsen, Christian M . Private
Hanrahan, Martin F . Corporal
Hansen, Fred H . Corporal
Hanson, Anton 0 . Private
Harder, Herman A . Private First Class
Harding, George E . * Private
Harrison, Millard Private
Hart, Roland Private
Harthun, Adolph G . Private
Hasselwander, George H . Private
Hayes, Edward T.* Sergeant
Hedman, Oscar M . Private
Hein, Walter Private
Herlihy, Ernest H . Sergeant
Hicks, Robert Private
Hilde, Melvin Private
Hillman, William I . Private First Class
Hillstrom, Carl Private
Hjamlson, Wilhelm Private
Hoben, John J . Private
Hoffman, Ferdinand Private First Class
Holst, George W . Private
Holzmacher, Edward W . Private
Horn, Jacob J., jr . Private
House, Jesse Lee Private
Houston, William F . Private First Class
Hovey, Ward B . Private
Howe, Arthur Private
Hoyt, Robert Private
Hughes, Lee R . Private
Hughes, Peter E.* Private
Hyde, George B . Private First Class
Inciardi, John Private
Irwin, James, jr . Private First Class
jacks, Charles W . Private
jacks, Thomas E . Private First Class
Jadrnak, Joseph Bugler
jerabek, Anton T.* Private
jerussi, Joseph Private
Johanson, P. Ragner Private
Johnson, Anton W . Private
Johnson, Clyde Private
Johnson, Jonas A . Private
Johnson, Oscar H . Private
Johnson, Sigurd Supply Sergeant

Johnson, Willie N . Private
Jones, William G . Private
julson, Albert Private
Kaestner, Bruno Private First Class
Karle, John C . Private First Class
Kearins, John J . Private
Keeney, Alvin Private
Keil, William R. 0 . Private
Keilt, Charles B . Bugler
Kelly, Joseph E . Corporal
Klein, Frank Sergeant
Knox, Ross Cook
Knutson, John Private
Koester, Walter M . Private
Komula, Elmer Private
Kosak, Adam Private First Class
Koss, Eric G . Private
Kravitz, Peter Cook
Kuneffsky, Frank Private
Kuns, Clive Private
Lamberg, Joseph Private
Lapham, Philetus Private
Larkin, Owen F . Private
Larsen, Harry A . Private First Class
LaRue, James F . Private
Larum, Oscar* Private
Laurino, Daniel Corporal
Lavalley, Adelard P . Private
Ledene, Theodore C . Private
Lefkowitz, Morris M . Private
Leigh, David McK . Private
Lerner, Nathan Hale Sergeant
Lide, Adrian K . Private First Class
Liebeskind, Herman Private
Lion, Henry Sergeant
Logue, Joseph E . Private First Class
Lovell, William . Private
Luciano, Ralph Private
Lunda, Sigurd A . Private
Lupowitz, Joseph Private First Class
Lyewski, Michael Private First Class
Lyons, John J . Corporal
Lyons, Simon Peter Corporal
McAllister, James Ira Private
McCarthy, William Private
McGowen, William L . Private
Macaluso, Antonio Private.
Mahoney, Timothy J . Private First Class
Mallion, William H., jr . Private
Markland, Raymond M . Private First Class
Maroney, John L.* Corporal
Marvelle, Bernard Mess Sergeant
Mathes, Dewey H . .................................... Sergeant

Melanson, Frank Private
Mersdorf, Edward Corporal
Mertz, Theodore A . Private
Metsker, Charles Mechanic
Metzner, John F . Corporal
Militeanu Carl Corporal
Milman, ~braham Private
Milot, Emile A . Private
Morgan, Enos Private
Moyers, Harry P . Private
Mrozek, Anthony Private
Muller, William Corporal
Neisler, Ote E . Private
Neureuter, Valentine C . Private
Nicholson, George Mechanic
Noll, William H . Corporal
Norris, Andrew J . Private
O'Brien, Charles Private First Class
O'Brien, John F . Private
Oehler, Francis J . Private First Class
O'Halloran, Edward B . Private
Olsen, Charles S . Private
Olson, Allen C . Private
Onorati, Ernest Private
Oquist, Axel E.* Private
Orenbach, Michael Corporal
Ortis, Benjamine * Private
Osterman, Einer T. F . Private
Ott, Robert Private First Class
Page, George J . Corporal
Paluma, Paul* Private
Pantera, Edward J . Mechanic
Parisi, Joseph Private First Class
Paulkouski, Naustic Corporal
Peck, Max L . Private
Penna, Fiorinnda Private
Pero, James N . Private
Peters, George C . Private First Class
Pfann, George B . Private
Pfeiffer, Edmund F. J . Private
Phaneuf, Philip Private First Class
Philbert, Peter, Jr . Private
Pietro, Francisco Private
Pinna, Giuseppe ................... Private
Pinto, Joseph Private
Powers, William F . Bugler
Pugliese, Michael Private
Putnam, Charles J . Private First Class
Quednau, Charles A . Private
Raab, Joseph E . Corporal
Reeder, Samuel Private
Rielly, Cornelius A . Private
Rieman, Stephen W . Private First Class

Rice, Wiley Owen Private First Class
Riedel, Frank Corporal
Roe, Louis F . Private First Class
Romeno, Franciso Private
Romeril, Elbert Sergeant
Roserneyer, Harry M . Corporal
Rossillo, Gilbert Private First Class
Rubin, Louis C . Corporal
Ryan, Myles J . Private
Santangelo, Pasquale Private
Saperstein, Benjamin L . Private
Saresky, Samuel Sergeant
Schaller, Joseph Private First Class
Schmidt, George W . Private
Schmitt, Charles J . .............................. Sergeant
Schmitt, Edward F.* Private First Class
Schneid, Frank J . Private
Schrack, William A.* Private First Class
Schrage, Chatskel Private First Class
Schwarz, Philip A . Corporal
Schwarze, Henry G . Private
Seifert, William Private First Class
Senk, Alfred Private First Class
Sessler, Jacob J Private
Shannon, Patrick W . Private First Class
Shannon, Thomas F . Private
Shaw, Abraham Private First Class
Simard, Arthur A . Private
Skelly, James C . Private
Skinkis, Joseph A . Corporal
Smith, Samuel Corporal
Sobotka, Antoni Private First Class
Staff, Joseph A . Private
Stafford, Walter N . Private
Stalker, Embry Private
Steidle, John * Private
Steiner, Arthur J . Corporal
Stendardi, Frank Private
Stetzer, Samuel * Corporal
Still, William P . Private
Stolz, Harry J . Mechanic
Stratton, Warren L . Corporal
Sturzer, Charles Private
Sullivan, Chester Private First Class
Sullivan, Grover C . Private First Class
Summers, James P . Private
Surrette, Eugene A . Private
Sweat, Corbett E . Private
Sylvester, Joseph Private First Class
Tetreault, Ernest J . Private
Theetge, Joseph W . Private First Class
Thorhang, William K . Private
Thursam, Edward L . Private

Tischler, Matthew Private First Class
Tomasulo, Vincent Corporal
Tracy, Thomas F . Private First Class
Traverso, Peter Private First Class
Troise, Ralph Private
Turner, George T . Private First Class
Tuthill, Silas C . Mechanic
Vallette, Thomas S . Sergeant
Vandeventer, Earl F . Corporal
VanDyne, Cecil Corporal
Vessles, Claude Sergeant
Wagner, Andrew J., Jr . Mechanic
Walders, William G.* Private
Walker, Harry D . Private
Wallace, Harry A . Cook
Watson, Fred W . Mechanic
Weiss, Edward F . Private
West, Frank C.* Private
Wheeler, Lee Private First Class
Whittenburg, William C . Private
Wiener, Abraham Private First Class
Wiesnet, Albert A . Private
Willford, John T . Private First Class
Windham, Hugh Private First Class
Wing, Thomas Private First Class
Wolfe, Edward D . Private
Wood, Eben H. M . Private
Young, William E . Bugler
Zach, Leon H . Private First Class
Zeigler, George L . Corporal
Zinn, Samuel Private First Class
Zoesch, William E . Private
Zwillinger, Harry Private
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