Company I


Julius Ochs Adler
Company I


Captain Earl Marshall
Captain Ernest C. Poillon

First Lieutenant James A. McIlvaine
First Lieutenant Harry C. Silver

Second Lieutenant Leo Crank
Second Lieutenant H. J. Henderson
Second Lieutenant Gradwell G. Sears

Adimando, Carmine Sergeant
Amok, James R . Private First Class
Andel, John Sergeant
Anderson, Abraham Private First Class
Anderson, August Private
Anderson, Ronald M . Private First Class
Antanewisus, Zigmas Private First Class
Audish, Isar G . Corporal
Avery, Leroy B . Private
Bakkethun, Ole Private
Barse, Horace C.* Private
Barteaux, Warren E . Private First Class
Basso, John Private
Battista, Rosco Private
Beaudriault, Franqois Private
Beck, Martin Private First Class
Becker, Edward * ............................... Private
Becker, Frank Private First Class
Bedard, Ernest Private
Bennett, Russell H . Sergeant
Bentkowski, Chester A . Private
Benz, Lorenz A . Private
Benzin, John H . Corporal
Bernstein, Nathan Corporal
Bicharah, Thomas J . Private
Bishop, Leroy Private
Borsuk, Jack Corporal
Bosse, Arsene Private First Class
Bourassa, Edward A . Private
Boyle, Martin Private
Brennan, Thomas F . Private
Brosnahan, John T.* Private First Class
Brown, Edward F . Private
Brown, Ira S . .......................................... Private

Bushy, Richard E . Private
Bux, George Private First Class
Buzone, Louis Private First Class
Caldwell, Allen J . Sergeant
Caple, Karl F . Private
Carney, James A . Sergeant
Carroll, Leonard G . First Sergeant
Carucci, Amerigo A . Private First Class
Ciezak, Martin Private
Cohen, David Private First Class
Cohen, Irving Private
Colby, Frank* Private
Colasconte, Joseph Private
Conklin, William J . Cook
Cook, John G . Mechanic
Cornell, George D . Private
Cota, Joseph Private
Coughlin, Russell J . Private
Crean, Patrick J . Private
Crownover, Arthur Private
Darling, Jesse L . Private
Dean, Elmer Private
Dedicos, George A . Cook
Deinerstein, Aleter Private
Denninger, Henry L . Private First Class
DePalmo, Domenico Private
Devlin, William J . Private First Class
'Dickinson, Roy R . Private
Dickson, George H . Private First Class
DiGerimo, Luciano Private
Dondero, Francis J ......................... Private First Class
Doss, Jesse V . Private
Dougher, John Private First Class
Doyle, Timothy Corporal
Drake, Herbert S . Private
Dunham, Charles M . Private
Emery, George D.* Private
Enser, Walter C . Private First Class
Epstein, Morris Private First Class
Eschbacker, Cornelius 0 . ..... Mechanic
Farber, Harry Private
Fendrick, Samuel Private First Class
Finger, Fred D . Private
Fisher, Harry M . Private
Fitterling, Howard J . Cook
Fitzgerald, Joseph P . Private
Fjorstad, George K . Private
Fleury, George P . Private
Flynn, Joseph A . Private
Fornfeist, Oscar Private
Forsythe, George W . Private
Fowler, Alvin L., Jr . Corporal
Fowler, Lester M . ..................................... Corporal

Fox, Murphy Private
Franson, Carl Private
Franzini, Augustine Private First Class
Frayer, Miles P Private First Class
Fugen, Otto M . Private First Class
Fydrick, Bronislaw Private First Class
Gallagher, Patrick A. J . Private
Gallant, Anselme, Private
Garritano, Frank Private First Class
Garwood, Ernest R . Private
Gates, Rosco Corporal
George, Donald I . Supply Sergeant
Gerwl, Casmier Private First Class
Gesel, Jerome G . Private
Giampaoli, Raffaello Private
Gibbons, Erhile A . Cook
Gill, Justin F . Private First Class
Gillo, Michael Private First Class
Glassock, Hubbert Private
Goodman, Sydney L . Supply Sergeant
Gramlich, Leonard E . Private
Grandin, Edward Private First Class
Gratt, Bernard Private
Greco, Martin Private
Griesbaum, Andrew Private
Guertin, Herve * Private
Gunnels, Arthur H . Private
Gustafson, Gust Private
Haase, Bruno J . Corporal
Haggerty, Francis J Private
Halloran, John B . Corporal
Hanley, Hubert J . Sergeant
Harrod, Johnnie Private
Hawkins, Lester A . Private
Hawley, Lewis Private
Hazer, George Private
Heath, Edward J . Private
Heft, Joseph J . Corporal
Heuneke, Albert Private First Class
Hilton, Mark 0 . Private
Hoffman, Edward J . ....................................
Horgan, John R . Private First Class
Horowitz, Emanuel Private
Hosbach, Christian Private
Hover, Frederick H . Private
Hume, Robert J . Corporal
Hunter, Harold C . Corporal
James, George Sergeant
Jarvis, Ralph D . Bugler
Johnson, Connie Private First Class
Joyner, Eulys Private
Kantor, Samuel Private
Kearn, Lester W . ..................................... Sergeant

Kee, James H . Private
Ketcham, William H . Mechanic
King, Henry Private
Kirkpatrick, Hugh Private
Kistner, Jacob D . Corporal
Kix, Fred E . Corporal
Kleinfeld, Herman Corporal
Knab, Frank J . Private
Knauber, Leo V . Private
Knobloch, George L . Corporal
Koratsky, Jack Private
Krounelis, Walter Private
Kulinski, Frank J . Private
Lafler, Raymond F . Corporal
Lance, George Private
Langguille, Arthur U . Private
Larussa, Pietro Cook
Latla, Peter Private
Lawrence, Robert M . Private
Lear, Jacob G . Private
Lee, Thomas E . Private
Leins, Alfred A . Private
Leiske, Gustav Private
Levesque, Etienne Private
Levine, Joseph D . Corporal
Limoge, Eugene J . Private
Lohman, Jacob Private
Longendyck, Samuel A. W . Private
Luderman, Wallace C . Private
Lutz, Joseph D . Corporal
Lynch, Thomas F., Jr.* Private
McCarthy, Patrick Private First Class
McCormick, John J . Private First Class
McCue, Robert V . Private
McCulloch, Fred J . Private First Class
McDermott, Daniel Private First Class
McElhinney, Clarence V . Private
McGinley, Joseph Corporal
McGinnis, Joseph M . ....................... Private
McGuire, James Private First Class
McGuire, William Corporal
MacKirdy, Edward Private
McNally, Thomas F . Cook
MacRae, William R . Corporal
Madden, Coleman E . Private
Madden, John Private First Class
Maganeet, Sheehi Private
Magnusson, Otto E . Private First Class
Magowan, John W . Private First Class
Mahoney, William J . Private First Clase
Maiessky, Joseph L . Private
Mamatusk, George Private
Mangieri, Alphonse Private First Class

March, James E., Jr . Corporal
Marsh, Robert C . Private First Class
Marquis, Archie H . Private
Mason, Harry A . Corporal
Masserana, Richard E . Private First Class
Mauer, Michael J . Corporal
Mauer, Robert Private First Class
May, Herman Private First Class
Meehan, Alfred J . Sergeant
Mehegan, Charles W . Private
Mendenhall, Roy E . Private
Messer, James Private
Metz, Fred Private
Meyer, John E.* Private First Class
Meyer, Walter H . Private
Micieli, Giuseppe Private First Class
Miglio, Peter Private
Miller, Julian Private
Miller, Newton Private
Miller, Walter C . Private
Mills, Fred Private
Mirabel, Bernardo Private
Mitchell, Henry 0 . Bugler
Mitchell, Milford F . Private
Mittelstadt, John Sergeant
Mohr, Richard Private
Monaghan, George L . Corporal
Monteney, William J . Private
Moore, William F . Private
Moore, William W . Private
Mordal, Thomas 0 . Private
Morin, Edward * Private
Morris, Carl Private
Morrison, James Private
Mortimer, Sidney E . Private
Mostel, Marcello Private
Moylan, James Private
Mulvey, John J., Jr . Private
Murphy, Thomas J . Sergeant
Muzzonigro, Patsy Private
Myers, Angus Private
Nanik, Anton G . Private
Nathan, Albert A . Private
Negro, Stefano Mechanic
Nelson, Clarence D . Private
Nelson, Sigvart J . Private
Nelson, Theodor Private
Nesmith, Oscar Private
Neumann, Joseph V . Private
Newman, Jesse . Corporal
Nixon, Albert B . Mess Sergeant
Nixon, Edward P . Private
Norris, William H . ..................................... Private

Norton, Guy E . Private
Odegaard, Sigurd Private
Ogulin, Steve Private
O'Haire, Joseph' Corporal
O'Heir, Harry T . First Bugler
Owens, James R . Private First Class
Pace, Grover G . Private
Page, Charles H . Private
Parker, Frank Private
Parry, Otto E. . Private
Pederson, Thommes Private
Perry, Joseph T . Cook
Peterson, Carl A . Private
Peterson, George W . Private
Peterson, Isak Private
Peterson, John A. M . Private
Peth, August C . Private First Class
Petz, Albert A . Private First Class
Phillips, Homer A . Sergeant
Picotte, Edward J . Private First Class
Piek, Herbert P . Private First Class
Pincus, Adolph M . Corporal
Piotrowski, Mikolay Private
Pittari, John Private
Porter, Jack J. F . Private
Potter, Frank W . Private
Press, Jacob Private
Proper, Harry Private First Class
Quattrococchi, Cesare Private
Quinn, Daniel Private First Class
Radominski, Boniface Private
Rankin, Grover Private
Raskopf, Harry Corporal
Ravit, Joseph Private First Class
Reffs, Svend H. B . Sergeant
Reilly, Robert L . Corporal
Reinhardt, Fred E . Private
Ricciardi, Angelo Private
Rice, George B . Sergeant
Richardson, George L . Private First Class
Rieden, Charles Private
Riegel, Lewis A . Private First Class
Rierdon, Raymond H . Sergeant
Riley, Hugh Private
Rinato, Gabriel Private
Rissuto, Philip * Private
Roberts, Elmer Sergeant
Robitaille, Albert J . Private
Roll, Albert T . Private
Rondinelli, Giuseppe Private
Rosen, Maurice A . Private
Rossi, John L.* Private First Class
Rotatori, Saverio ....................................... Private

Rubenstein, Daniel Private
Ruoff, John* Corporal
Rusco, Leo A . Private
Russell, George S . Private
Ryan, Daniel F . Private
Ryer, Irving Private
Sachs, Edward P . Corporal
Salvia, Dominick B . Corporal
Sanchez, Eduardo Private
Sank, Max Corporal
Schaefer, Fred H . Private First Class
Schwartz, Charles F . Private First Class
Schwing, Harry R . Private First Class
Seidowitz, Samuel * Private
Sennick, Jake Corporal
Shariff, Abalarn B. H . Private First Class
Shay, Robert F., J'r . Private
Shea, Daniel Private First Class
Shea, Eugene Private
Shepper, Morris Private First Class
Shields, George K . Sergeant
Shields, James Private First Class
Shimer, Ralph W . Private First Class
Siegel, Isidor Corporal
Siegel, Moe Corporal
Simpson, James W . Private
Skurzynski, George Private
Smidt, August E . Sergeant
Smith, Calvin V . Corporal
Smith, Harold A . Private
Smith, James H . Private
Smith, John J . Private
Solomon, Harry Private
Sorocco, Charles A . Private
Stefano, Giovani Private
Stein, Benjamin B . Private First Class
Stiles, John H . Private
Stramigioli, Giuseppe Private
Streater, Frank J . Mechanic
Sugarman, Emanuel D . Private First Class
Swanson, Albin R . Private
Switalski, Ignatz Private First Class
Synoracki, Barney Private
Szot, John Private
Tamborski, Theodore Private
Taylor, John W . Private
Thompson, Charles A . Private
Thompson, Donald A.* Corporal
Thompson, John Mess Sergeant
Vogt, Frederick Private First Class
Wagner, John H.* Private First Class
Waisselberg, Louis Private
Walters, Harry C . Private First Class

Watzka, William P.* Corporal
Weil, Monte A . Private First Class
Weisner, Louis Private
Welch, Raymond W . Private First Class
Wells, Ward B . Private
Westman, Robert C . Corporal
Whitmire, jasper J . Private
Wiegele, Thomas Private
Wieleba, Stanley Private
Wilson, Joseph A . Sergeant
Winkle, Fred Private
Wistort, Walter Private
Withington, William* Private
Woodall, Luther R . Private
Zymienski, Stefan Private
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