Company G


Julius Ochs Adler
Company G


Captain Charles M. Bull, Jr.
Captain Oliver W. Morris

First Lieutenant Loren F. Collins
First Lieutenant Gordon C. Gregory
First Lieutenant James N. Henry
First Lieutenant John J. McAleer
First Lieutenant Jonathan D. Reed

Second Lieutenant John R. Chynoweth
Second Lieutenant Owal C. Painter
Second Lieutenant Rudolph L. Samide
Second Lieutenant Reynolds S. Shoop

Abissi, Carmelo Private
Allen, Norman Private
Allison, Robert * Private First Class
Andrews, Raymond L . Sergeant
Antonakos, Peter Private
Armstrong, Horace E . Private
Arnold, Earl G . Sergeant
Arsenault, Thomas Private First Class
Atorio, Carmelo ................ Private
Austin, Oliver D . Private
Baker, Walter L . Private First Class
Banke, Adolph E . Private First Class
Banner, John L . Private
Baptista, John P . Private
Barolo, Gennaro Private
Barron, Louis Private
Baschnegel, Fred J . Private First Class
Bastone, Luigi Private
Bastone, Pietro F . Private
Bellissi, Paul L . Private First Class
Berkowitz, Moses Private
Berniholtz, Harry Private
Beseth, Howard S . Private
Besse, James N . Private First Class
Blank, Samuel A . Sergeant
Bliss, Walter W . Private First Class
Bobst, Johann F . Private
Bock, John T . Private
Bohm, Otto E . Private First Class
Bolosh, Stephen ....................................... Corporal

Borrensen, Borge Cook
Brady, Charles N . Corporal
Braverman, Nathaniel Private
Briggs, Harold K . Private
Broderick, Michael J . Private First Class
Brown, Floyd P . Private
Buckley, Bartholomew J . Private
Bye, Albert G . Private
Canzi, Tony Private
Capua, Pietro Private First Class
Caron, Gilman J . Private
Catapano, Henry Private
Cecil, Matt Sergeant
Celcer, Idous E . Private
Cerrulo, Frank Private
Clark, John F . Private First Class
Cohen, Morris No. 1 Private
Cohen, Morris No. 2 Cook
Cohen, Paul Corporal
Coldwell, Sewell E. K . Private
Cooley, Edwin P.* Private First Class
Cooper, Henry* Private
Copper, Harry A . Supply Sergeant
Coppersmith, Jacob Private
Coupe, Clarence R.* Private
Cross, Charles E.* Private
Dalhouse, Herman A . Private
Dalton, Thomas Private
Damato, James J . Corporal
Darling, James H . Private
Davis, Henry G . Private First Class
DeBlasi, Frank Private
DeFeelds, Louis Private
Dempster, Charles Sergeant
DeSanctis, Antonio Private
Deyo, Ramond S . Private
Dieter, Louis C . Corporal
Directar, Samuel* Private First Class
Docteur, Michael C.* Corporal
Dodd, George L . Private First Class
Domiano, Louis Sergeant
Donati, Giuseppe Private
Dooris, John F . Corporal
Dredger, Oliver Sergeant
Duhamel, Hector Private
Dunne, William A . Corporal
Dupee, Dan, Jr . Private
Durant, Joseph N . Private First Class
Erickson, John R . Private
Etzrodt, Albert Private
Faucett, Oren V . Corporal
Feldman, Gershon Private
Fillion, Phillip L . Private First Class

Finch, Furman F . Private
Frankel Sol Sergeant
Franz, John J . Private
Franz, Rudolph A . Corporal
Fuchs, Frederick L . Sergeant
Gaines, Earl D . Private
Garrison, Alvon Private
Gerlach, Sigmund W . Private First Class
Getner, William Private
Giles, James * Private
Gillispie, Clyde M . Private First Class
Glass, Frank Private
Gleich, Louis Private
Goldstein, Frank P . Cook
Gonzales, Arthur J . Private
Goodman, John Private
Goodwin, William I . Corporal
Goubeaud, Wilbur P . Mess Sergeant
Graeff, Charles A . Private
Graham, Thomas M . Sergeant
Gravert, Charles Private
Green, Fred A . Private
Greenspan, Rubin Private
Grimoch, Stanley Private
Guidice, Sebastian Private
Gunter, Guy W . Corporal
Gushue, William Private
Hacker, Henry G . Private First Class
Hanger, John H . Private
Hardgrove, David * Private First Class
Hargaden, James P . Private
Hargrave, William Corporal
Harney, Patrick * Private
Harrelson, Clifford Private
Harris, Hiram J . Private
Hauswirth, Charles B . Private
Hawker, John G . Corporal
Hayum, Arthur H . Sergeant
Heinrichs, Alphons T . Private First Class
Hennessy, Thomas F . Private
Heyller, Edgar M . Private First Class
Hicks, William Private First Class
Higgins, Thomas F . Private
Hill, Clarence W . Bugler
Hill, Gus Private
Hille, Oscar Private First Class
Hindt, Ernst H . Private
Hofto, Knute Private
Hoiaas, Gunnar Private
Hollar, William C . Private
House, John Private First Class
Howe, David E . Sergeant
Howe, Theodore ....................................... Private

Hurd, Stephen A . Private
Hutchinson, Charles A . Private
Jacobson, Louis Private First Class
Jaffe, Abraham Private First Class
Jakuboweez, Edward Private
Jones, Charles W . Sergeant
Jones, Harry Private
Kalbinger, Harry C . Private
Kanter, Benjamin W . Mess Sergeant
Kantis, Andrew W . Private
Kavanaugh, John Private
Kee, Sing Private
Kelliher, Maurice T . Private First Class
Kemper, Albert H . Private
Kerr, Albert * Private
Kerr, Walter L . Private First Class
Kildare, Joseph N . Private
Kinnard, Herman D . Private
Kinksie, Clarence W . Private
Klosowsky, John Private
Klostermeir, Caper C. W Private First Class
Kluzak, Fred Private
Kneiberg, Harry Private
Konesky, George J . Private First Class
Kriesel, Walter L . Private
Kreuger, Karl Private
Kurek, Anthony Private First Class
LaBell, Arthur C . Private First Class
LaForge, Harry Private First Class
Lagace, Rosareo J . Private
Lampert, John P Private First Class
Lane, Urbane B . Private
Langenthal, Moe Corporal
Lapkin, Samuel Private First Class
Larson, Alvin Private
Larson, Oscar W . Private
Latham, Ora Private
Lawlor, David E . * - Private
Lawson, John M . Corporal
Lehmann, Walter Sergeant
Lemon, William C . Private First Class
Leonhard, Louis H . Private
Levin, Joseph P . Private First Class
Lewis, Albert A . Private
Lewison, Emil Private
Ley, George J . Private
Lindenmulder, Adrian H . * Private
Liska, Frank Corporal
Lo Bon], Joseph First Sergeant
Lockwood, George R . Private First Class
Loeb, Phillip Corporal
Lonergan, Thomas F . Private First Class
Long, Charles .......................................... Private

Longarino, Salvatore Private
Lorber, Martin A . Corporal
Lozo, Joseph E . Private
Lubecki, Casimer Private
Lucas, John W . Private
Lucks, Emil Private
Ludwig, William F . Corporal
Lund, Carl J . Private
Lutovsky, Charles Private
Lynch, George R . First Sergeant
McCarthy, Howard T.* I Private
McCauley, Edw . Private First Class
McCormack, Thomas No. x Private
McCormack, Thomas NO. 2 Corporal
McCormick, W . ......... Sergeant
McDonnell, George V . Sergeant
McGinn, Harry Sergeant
McGinnis, Howard G . Private
McGrath, Joseph P . Private
McGuire, James J.* Sergeant
McLendon, Alvin W . Corporal
McLeod, Lester J . Private
McMahon, Michael Private First Class
Mace, Andrew B . Private
Madsen, Ingardt M. L Private First Class
Maltby, Raymond Private
Mancinelli, Dominick Private
Mancoranal, Marius 0 . Private
Maniscalco, Frank Private
Manning, Richard Private First Class
Marold, Carl Private
Marpe, George H . Private
Matuszewski, Walter .... Private
Medlock, John E . Private
Meehan, Joseph F . Private First Class
Mercer, Grover C . Private
Mercier, Albert Private
Merriman, Carl H . Private
Merritt, Alven Private
Meuller, Clarence Private
Meyer, Leroy Private
Miles, Earl Private
Miller, Howard G . Private
Miller, Joseph Private
Millette, Joseph Private
Minthorne, Grover Private
Miranda, Cecil C . Private
Mollinello, Giuseppe Cook
Monson, Chester B . Private
Moore, James D . Private
Morehead, Charles F . Private
Moreland, John A . Sergeant
Morford, John N . ...................................... Private

Morger, Earl R . Private
Morin, Dalpert 0 . Private
Mulligan, Henry A . Sergeant
Murawski, John Private
Murden, William F . Private
Neave, Frank Sergeant
Nelsen, Martin C . Private First Class
Nelson, Johnny Private First Class
Nelson, Norman Private
Newkirk, William G . Private
Neymeyer, Frederick* Corporal
Nicholson, Emslie J . Private
Nickelsan, Nick Private
Nickles, John M . Private
Nix, Henry Private
Norlander, Carl Corporal
O'Brien, Dennis C . Private
O'Brien, James E . Private
O'Brien, James P . Corporal
O'Brien, Jeremiah Corporal
O'Byrne, Victor K . Private First Class
O'Connell, Edward P . Private
O'Connor, Phillip A . Private
O'Hara, Herbert F . Private
Olds, Harry W . Cor 1? oral
Oleson, Nels Private
Olsen, Alfred Private
O'Neill, Basil J . Cor ]? oral
Orton, Beecher B . Private
Overbo, Christ Private
Palmgren, Emil Private
Panages, Theodore G . Private First Class
Pappas, William S . Private
Parker, William H . Private
Patterson, Lewis B . Corporal
Paulson, Frank Private
Pederson, Albert M . Private
Pell, Hilmer 0 . .................. Private
Peloke, Ernest J., Jr . . Corporal
Perraut, Mikel Private
Perreault, Joseph Private
Peterson, Carl C . Private
Petti, Paul Private
Piatasik, Stanislaws Private
Pistulka, Charlie Private
Poine, Paul H . Private First Class
Pomanoski, Peter P . Private
Powell, Frank M . Private
Powell, George G.* Mechanic
Pragacz, Stanislaws Private
Prindle, Lester G . Private
Provenza, Raffaele Private
Quigley, Patrick J . Private First Class

Quinn, Francis T . Private
Ramberg, Henry* Private
Rappoport, Isadore Private
Rauckis, Powell Private
Reinike, George P . Private
Reinke, Herman Private
Reuss, Edward T . Private
Reynolds, Newton V . Private
Robinson, John W . Private
Rogers, John W . Private
Ronning, Oscar E . Private
Rosebrooks, Walter E . Private First Class
Rothenstein, Moses * Corporal
Rousseau, Thomas J . Private
Rubin, Leo A . Private First Class
Ruple, Doane Cook
Rypka, Stephen Private
Sager, Henry Mechanic
Salit, Max Private
Sanders, Jack Private First Class
Sargeant, William H . Private
Sarno, Ralph Private
Sarro, Joseph Private
Schauff, Frank Private
Schmid, John G . Private First Class
Schoening, Henry C.* Private
Schoonmaker, Melvin Private
Schrader, Clifford H . Corporal
Schumaker, Willis Private
Schwarz, Franklin Private
Schwarz, Richard R . Corporal
Scott, Fred H . Private First Class
Scott, Ray E . Corporal
Senf, Fred W . Private
Senk, Balestau Private
Severin, Walter E . Private
Sharratt, Evan Private
Shortt, Alfred N . Corporal
Sidote, James Private First Class
Silluzio, Frank Private
Simmons, Nolen G . Private
Simonson, Michael Private
Sims, Fieldon N . Private
Siskind, Samuel Private First Class
Skidmore, Charles J . Private
Skonnard, Ole 0 . Private First Class
Slater, Titus E . Private
Slatis, Abraham Bugler
Slominski, Frank Private
Smith, Edward Corporal
Smith, John B . Private
Smith, Virgil T . Private
Soeder, Eugene H . Private First Class

Spaay, Frederick F . Private
Spell, Leslie C . Private
Sperring, John Corporal
Speziale, Peter Corporal
Spychalski, VAad Private First Class
Starnes, Leslie R . Private
Staub, Arthur W . Private First Class
Stephens, George W . Private
Stevens, Charles E . Private
Storey, Archibald Private First Class
Storrs, Benjamin P . Private First Class
Stoters, Floyd C . Private First Class
Stouke, Frederick Private
Stuart, Frank Private
Stypczynski, Leonard Private
Sutherland, James D . Private
Sweeney, Joseph (? Swaney) Private
Swanson, Emil T . Private
Swanson, John R. P . Private
Swanson, Luie 0 . Private
Taylor, A. S . Sergeant
Terranova, John B . Private
Testa, Thomas Private
Thielman, William Private First Class
Thornelle, Edward R . Bugler
Tiplitz, Jacob Corporal
Townsend, Stith Private First Class
Tresp, Frederick C . Corporal
Turnwall, Milton R . Private
Underdahl, Martin Private
Vehrs, Bert E . Private
Veroven, Ceil Private
Verteromo, James Private First Class
Veseth, Mons Private
Walstad, Thomas Private
Walter, Albert J . Corporal
Warden, William F . Private
Watland, Andrew E . Private
Watson, Willis R . Corporal
Weber, Reinhart F. G . Private
Weberg, John W . Private
Webster, George D . Corporal
Wedekind, Harry Private
Weisberg, Morris Private
Weissberg, Jacob Private
Welch, Charles W . Private
Werner, August A . Private First Class
West, Herman L . Private
Whitacre, Henry G . Sergeant
White, Floyd W . Private
Widowski, Joseph J . Private
Wilson, Frank Private
Wilson, Phelix L . Private First Class

Windhorst, John E . Sergeant
Winjum, Albert Private
Winter, Martin D . Private
Witte, Fred C . Private
Wood, Herbert C.* Sergeant
Woodward, William A . Private
Wysocki, Anthony F . Private
Yannace, Dominick Private
Yeury, Edgar, Jr.* Private First Class
Young, Wallace Private First Class
Yozwak, John J . Private
Zack, Harry H . Private
Zielke, Harry F . Mechanic
Zuck, Arthur ..................................... Sergeant
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