April 22, 1918

Richie Still Going

 Richie Ryan, 326th M. T. Co., isn’t resting on his laurels as Camp Upton lightweight champion, but meets ’em and where they will. At the 2nd and 7th Y Hut recently he crossed mitts with Sam Postighone, a fast boy from his own outfit, who’s been thirsting for Riches Gore. Sam wasn't quite satisfied, however. The little Crown-Wearer who pushes the Packards also encountered Frankie Hufnagie, the Brooklyn feather-weight now in Co. C. 302nd Am. Tr., that same evening


Useful Bits from the Utilities Detachment

 A party recently was enjoyed by a large number of utility men and their guests. Observations proved Mess Sergeant Lang there a few with the dancing as well as the eatings.

Private Balley and Drecher are still wondering when private Myslich is going to get more Limburger and rye bread. Bailey is also trying to figure out who stripped his box with blue paint.

Supply Sergeant Gray still insists that clothing must be worn through before it can be renewed, but manages to keep Bailey in shoe strings, nevertheless.

Sergeant Eagans new uniform created quite a furor among the ladies at Our Party. Sergeant Finams still believe in the famous adage “Early to bed and early to rise” -sometimes.

Who stuffed the overalls and jumper and laid them away and private Calafano’s bunk is a mystery that keeps the utility gang busy figuring.


New Colonial of 304th F.A. Seven Months with Perishing

 Has Seen Deal of War Having Been at Siege of Antwerp

             Expressing high hopes for the national Army when it gets into the real work over there. Colonel Raymond W. Briggs comes from that great theatre of war on the Western Front to take command of the 304th field artillery. Colonel Briggs was with Pershing for 7 months and of course has seen American troops under fire. He speaks most encouragingly of their fine spirit and excellent morale and assures the people at home they have nothing to fear for their son's. They will acquit themselves in every way like men. The new 304th head was in Antwerp during the tremendous siege by the Germans. Returning to America shortly after, he went to the Mexican border and was senior artillery instructor of the Pennsylvania division stationed at El Paso Tex.

He went to France with Pershing and has been there since. Colonel Briggs is immensely pleased with the men of the new Army and is optimistic extremely for his regiment. He believes that artillery instruction on this side can be advanced to a considerable degree


“Every Man Recreating, “That Familiar Slogan Will Be Worked on by Camp Physical Directors

 Baseball Fields Being Constructed Over Camps Inter-Company Games

 The two camp athletic promoters Captain Frank Glick athletic side, and Berton F. Bryant. Y. M. C. A. physical director are getting their heads together these days on plans for the spring athletic activity. It will centre on baseball but stress is to be placed on “Informal Sports.” These mean outdoor play with indoor balls, medicine ball, and mass games, with “every man recreating” as the idea.

In a baseball way the emphasis will be placed on company teams and inter-company games. Several diamonds are now in shape, and it is hoped that every regimental area and encamp can be converted into a playing area the 152d depot Brigade has just stimulated every rival organization the Supreme efforts by making a complete athletic field with baseball diamond Sanders track and the rest in the machine-gun sector a diamond is being smooth off and there are good ones on the engineer's field and the 367th and 3rd Infantry Zaria


Goats Thrown Out of Infantry for Swallowing Mills Bombs

 Kaiser Bill Could Chew Barbed-Wire Entanglements but is Transferred to Coast Artillery, Nevertheless

 Kaiser Bill, the Bronx William Goat who has been the playmate of the Murphy's, The Gilhooleys O'Briens O'Shaughnessy's and Sullivan's of company I, 307th infantry has been transferred to the artillery. Captain William Harrigan arrange for the transfer with his brother Captain Phillip Harrigan of a coast artillery outfit for Hamilton after Consulting Kaiser Billing Services record and given him a thorough try out as an infantryman. The gold was found out of certain characteristics which disqualified him for services in the Infantry. They may fit in more completely with the itinerary for one thing he had a way of swallowing Mills bombs and it was believed this habit might prove disastrous should the Boches storm at Ranch where he was holding a position as he would be unable to cross the bombs quick enough to explode them under a German nose. A summary court-martial found guilty of swallowing 3 bombs it was difficult to decode against Bill as an infantryman because he showed remarkable genius and chewing barbed wire entanglements. But then he was unable during all his time here to learn the gas mask drill and in fact chewed up every mask issued to him. The belief is that his talents can be used in the artillery as he can swallow shells and carried them from battery to battery saving a Mule Train and thus camouflaging the location of ammunition.

Bill was hard to teach the little conventionalities of barrack life too. He never could find his mess kit having swallowed it, and I was too fond of bunk fatigue. In the winter he stayed so close to barrack stoves that the heat was all used up. His laziness cost dear to use his glossy coat was singed in streaks where he had wooed the heat too ardently.


The Old, Familiar Faces

 Among the men who have just come to Upton from the south are many familiar faces of fellows who came to camp in the first draft and more ordered south. The welcome given to them by the old-timers who have lingered in camp through the changing seasons was hearty. Hardy all the southerners have been heartily haled into the life of the camp.


South End Lively Baseball Section

             There may be livelier baseball regions in camp than the South end (2nd Avenue 4th to 11th Street), but they produce a lesser volume of noise and all in all can’t show the dust and wounds these lads from the Ammunition Train, Motor Truck Companies and Field Hospital outfits have acquired. One near casualty- a referee- is further proof. He attempted to arbitrate a match between some pickups and truck company number 326. When he slid into mess that night his suit looked as if it had spent 4 weeks in the trenches and he was peering from dimmed lamps. Both sides had leaped upon him by stealth and strength and drag him around the bases three consecutive times.

Intense rivalry between the teams in the 302d Sanitary Train is interesting in this south end. Results of last week's games 308th Field Hospital 6, 14, 5, 4, 308th Amb. Co. 7, 12, 10, 5. Officers, 19 headquarters Det. 11

In the ammunition train company E beat company F and a speedy game 9 to 6.


First Inter Battery Game Goes To D Boys

 The first inter-battery baseball game of the season between batteries D & E 304th F. A., Battery E proved no match for the stars of battery D. This final score being 17 to 3 in favor of the brown was essayed to pitch for E Battery, was short shifted by the D Sluggers, lasting only one inning. On the other hand Ulrich pitching for D Battery was a complete mystery to the opposition.

The competition for the honor of representing the battery on the diamonds is intense, some 30 men being out for the team. The batting order of the winners for the initial game was as follows: Panfil, cf,; Miller, c;  Woods, rf,; Ruggerio, 1f,; Grandin, 3b,; Taylor, ss.; Hornung, 2b,; Simas, 1b,; Ulrich, p.

Any team and Camp Desiring a game with battery D, 304th F. A., communicate with Sergeant Pons at the battery barracks.


Liberty offerings a Vaudeville Hill the first 3 days in the drawer future photo play my four years and Germany the latter part was the last week's offerings at the Liberty Theater free artists corner store was the big hat during the variety. This week manager George Miller offers a big musical comedy but you enjoyed a Broadway run of some note stop look and listen with girls and Irving Berlin songs to give Snap-on color


Services for New Men

 Through father Bracken of the Knights of Columbus and Mr. Kristensen the YMCA a special service for the quarantine men of the Depot Park Ridge was held at the YMCA 19th Street and Grand Avenue recently. Rabbi Nathan C Blackman and Joseph C Hyman of the Jewish board for welfare work address of 400 men present the new men are being visited by the J.B.W.W. in their Barracks.

Regular Jewish Services were held Friday evening at 7 p.m. and Saturday morning at 10 in Church Headquarters, Upton Boulevard, the speaker's being Dr. Alexander Leone and rabbi Blechman these services are held every Friday and Saturday.


Bantamweight Wonder and Wrestler Appear

The men in the third provisional Battalion are taking to Benny Leon and Leonards boxing classes like an outfit of future Champs and Professor Alan Smiths Jiu Jitsu is finding just as much favor. These provisional last make the Y Hut at 2nd Avenue and 14th Street their rallying place and some Splendid and exhibitions have been put on under the managerial eye of Physical Director Kraetzer. Frankie Daly, a Contender for the bantamweight title of the world has been keeping his fist busy among others. Frankie took on two men at one time recently. Gus Kervases, a Greek giant wrestler has been demonstrating some of his deadly mat holds. Another entertainer from that outfit in a slightly different line is Willie Mack well known vaudeville dancer and singer.


Bar Dreamers Now Have Chance

 Aspirants for Fourth Series Officers Schools Must Say Word Early

 Soldiers at Upton who have dreamed of the bars (no not the kind you mean, thirsty!)- The kind that rests on the shoulders - are bestirring themselves these days following the announcement of the fourth series of Officers Training Camps. Applications should be made at once. The camps open May 15th. The announcement follows:

“The training schools will be conducted in the specified divisions 2% of the enlisted personnel of the divisions and detached units of the regular Army National Guard and National Army accepting the coast itinerary in the various staff corps, will be designated to attend such schools this procedure to operate their regular army channels.

Time is short

These training schools offer, as well another chance for men who have had military training educational institutions under government supervision to win Commissions in the army.  

            Especial attention is called to the fact that less than one month remains before the schools open. Necessitating immediate action by those who wish to enter.

The following specifications have today been issued from the adjutant General's office:

Admission Restricted

“All graduating members of senior division Reserve Officers’ Training Corps units to have completed the course is prescribed for the reserves fire service training course in such members of the advanced course, senior divisions of the reserve Officers training Corps who by May 15, 1918, have completed one year of the advanced course and also have completed 300 hours of military instruction fire service training course in such members of the advanced course senior divisions of the reserve Officers Training Corps up to buy May 15th 1918 have completed one year of the advanced course and also have completed 300 hours of military instruction since January 1, 1917. Under the supervision of an officer of the army, will be admitted to a training school.

In addition to the above a number of men who have had at least one year’s military training Under Army officers at any time during the last 10 years in educational institutions which have earned Government recognition will also be admitted.”


Colored Soldiers Will Do Their Full Share

 In presenting a stand of colors to the 367th regiment colored Governor Charles S Whitman of New York said:

“On behalf of the Union the only Club I can make sure you're keeping the most secret trust ever committed to man- the flag of the United States of America. I charge you by all that is sacred to defend this Banner with all the strength and power that God has given you; but in doing so I feel and know already that you will never permit it to be this honor to shame yourselves or seeing those who have given it to you today. Your country will trust you to be true to yourselves to the land of your birth to the record of those other soldiers of your race and his various Deeds have brought glory to the Stars and Stripes.”

Colonel James Moss commanding the regiment responded as follows at the colored men of the command will protect and honor the slide as it's something that goes without saying, and let me say to you today that when this war is all over there's going to be another presentation of colors here beside the clubhouse. Mark you well what I say to you and this presence today for I am an officer with 18 years experience with colored soldiers, having commanded them into campaigns these men are going to present you men in the Union League club with colors on their return from France the colors that they will prevent you would want you to hang up on your walls where they can tell it with silent eloquence in all the years to come a story of Valor and unutterable patriotism to which all Americans including our twelve million of black citizens, can listen with the thrill of Pride and  satisfaction.

The motto of the 367th regiment is “See it through.”


W.C.C.S in New York offer Hospitality to Upton Men

 Something about the Work of the Organization Which Renders a Big Saving to Men on Leave

 This is for the benefit of the boys at Camp Upton who have never heard of the New York War Camp community service, who do not know



 To the 152d depot Brigade from 302 D field Signal Battalion.

Company C Corpls. Paul Horni, Harry N. Corr and Georg A. McDowell; privates Nathan B Eschen, John A Sullivan, Elias C. Jacowitz, Pasquale Palone, Abraham Oxfield, Maurice Lippe, Abraham B. Weinstein, theme George V. Monks, William F. Houlihan and Benny Brookman. Sanitary Detachment Company A-private Elmer C. Hess and Anthony Eckard; Company B- Private Samuel Johnson.

Second lieutenant Thomas J. Kavanaugh, Q.M.C.N.A., having reported these headquarters in compliance with telegraphic instructions has been assigned to duty as assistant to the camp Quartermaster.

To the 152d depot Brigade from the 308 infantry company see private Ralph Capozzi, Charles Knowles, Salvatore Nocilla and Gicimo Panateleo. Company D privates Charles II, Alexander Block and Salvatore Musciria.

Company E- Private Isaac Shneitzer, Victor Helms and Joseph Watt.

Company F- privates Dominick Zito, Michael Celerito, Samuel Davidson and William George.

Company G- Corporal Joseph Harrata Privates Timothy Sweeney, Gustavo Speron, I Abraham Schwartz, Philip Beelson, Carmi Abbomento, l Vincenzo Luca and Paul and Angelucci.   

Company H- privates Lewis Sommerhalter, Herman Chopack, Dick Massapolii, Isidore Schlomehug, John E. Bunk, Michael Damato, George Telegaddis and Jasper Remill.l

Company I- Sergeant Harry Shiffman, Privates Joseph H. Munn, Morris Schilhaus, Hamiel Beloid and Max Bachist.

Company K- Private Ole Houkon, Bernard Schmukler, Joseph Sartor, Alfonso Batti, John Tenati,i Eugene Piantieri, Charles Wright, and George Simon.

Company L- Privates A. Kaufman and Joseph Hine.

Company M- privates John Christ, Frank Cydel, Morris Shwartz, Chune Jone, and John Klipped.

Supply Company private Thomas Jones.

Headquarters company Corpl. John Heinriches; privates William Carpenter, Harold L. Labrie and John Ellis.

Machine gun company privates- Roy Higgins and Bernard Brogan, William Frank and Frank Andrews.

Medical Detachment private Alfonso Sirico.

Sergeant Tracy A Currey, Medical Department, 305th Infantry. Has been transferred to the Medical Detachment 302D ammunition train.

What it stands for, who do not know the work it does for the Upton Soldier while he is within the confines of the greatest city in the world and for the men who have never participated in any of the hundred and one entertainments staged every day in the week for the men in olive drab. This outfit is committed to the men in uniform.

In the first place something about the community service itself. A good red-blooded Doughboy has a right to know about persons or things before it becomes enthusiastic about them there have been so many foreclosures trying to grab publicity for themselves at the expense of the boy in uniform. Every Soldier is disgusted with the way he has been exploited since the beginning of training at the various camps throughout the country.

Every man in uniform is familiar with the Navy water department Commission on training camp activities and Raymond B Fosdick, its chairman Mr. Fosdick and the men under him have done wonderful work for the men in the camps with their athletic instructors and their corporate cooperation with the Red Cross the YMCA in the K of C and the other 100% organizations doing things for the comfort and happiness of the men and Mr. Fosdick and all his co-workers are spurred on to bigger things all the time by the provision of the biggest men in civilization life and high state officials.

The New York war camp Company community service is the New York City representative of the Fosdick Commission. That is where they slip into way, just about as the heroine in a movie close up. The organization is under direct supervision of Fosdick Commission with definite work to perform and with authority to go to a length to accomplish it.

Although it is not directly responsible to the army and navy nor supported by the Government it has their authorization and of every one identified with the conduct of the wat. The president has given the outfit the “once over” and publicly acclaimed is work of vital importance to the morale of the National Army.

The activities of the New York work and community service are many and diversified comprising every hole something a soldier might enjoy in the Big Town everything is provided from a working good bed to find breakfast from IHOP and Grand Central Palace on Saturday night to a game of pool Billiards from a bus ride round the town to an All-Star Vaudeville show or Mary Pickford movie and a number of other little past times to suit the temperament of every type of man.

Figures available show there are between 5 and 6000 then less men in the city every day and that this number jumps to around 25,000 over Saturday and Sunday these men are from the Cantonment close by from the several Naval stations and from the Army hospitals recently established in different parts of the city.

For the convenience of these men for most of those whose homes are far away the community service has organized for Army and Navy clubs one hotel blub formerly the earlington Hotel on West 27th Street near 6th Avenue and known as the New York work and Community Service Unit Number 5. It has accommodations for close to 1,000 men.

At these clubs the uniformed men find the best club in hotel's atmosphere with all-conference at all of them particularly number 5 unit Pool and Billiard tables are at the disposal of the men for a large riding rooms with smart stationery and rooms with big little thing lounges and all the more so since you thought they might learn New York's captains of industry if it were not that these places are for the exclusive use of the man in uniform.

At none of these places is an attempt made to be self-supporting there are braided for the boys as cheaply as possible about the same time offer the advantages and privileges as some of the best hotels in the city.


Building and Staff of Jewish Workers

             For several weeks the Jewish board for welfare work has been carrying on his work in the new welfare building opposite Accra Merrell's and soldiers are finding the Cozy complete interior with The Cordial staff able to satisfy many needs on the first floor or a large room with fireplace books writing tables and easy chairs. The board's offices and a counter for severing mint stamps paper and other things upstairs are the living quarters for the regular staff and a large dormitory for the 15 workers who got their training at Upton in Jewish welfare work for camps over the whole country.


Two Barracks Go Up in a Big Blaze

             The most exciting moment our busy Berg has seen since there was a runaway on Upton Boulevard of inebriated flivver, was recently when Lieutenant Corleys red bus tore down the street, headed toward a cloud of smoke, which believed out of over the Infantry area. Approved to be a sure enough fire and in broad daylight so every rookie who could find it in the line of duty attended. The blaze broke out of very suddenly about 3 o'clock in an unoccupied barrack and within 15 minutes the building and one of adjoining it were consumed. Streams of water were played and worked on the bungalows in the vicinity and the fire was confined to the two buildings. Although it was a menacing massive flame at its height.

For the first time in the camps history bucket brigades were set to work the idea. The Bucket Brigade seems to be to determine which private in the long line could pass the bucket quickest spilling the most the past are full with London intentions on the part of all hands but a pill isn't a small thing after all but the baby showed themselves absolutely unafraid and with little practice they should prove sufficient firefighters hand pumps the neat red variety with TMC us and black letters were also worked the Damage Done was confined almost entirely to the buildings and the stationary equipment as most soldiers property which started them it amounted to about $20,000 the cause of the fire is not definitely known but defective insulation is ascribed.


2nd Prov, Rec. BTN Has Array of Entertainers

The circuit professional recruit Battalion has a bunch of wires and one connections with them is made there is some current recently permission was granted to the YMCA at 5th Avenue and 8th Street to quarantine the building and open it to these Lads and although it was raining snowing sleeting and hailing all evening 900 of them came up and had a rose and time.

As soon as Lieutenant Cramer an invoice from the 9th company came and everybody knew it. The company song and company yell great company Spirit. Already a few weeks from civilian life private sitter if company formerly known to you via office in New York secured the talent and green presented the numbers among those who favored where the 8th company quartet with Maggie as soloist. Bellinger 7th company a buck and Wing dancer Lewis Hollander not have company enjoy Johnny Cash accompanied 7 men singers Joseph Gina from the Claridge Hotel now in this company who has some piano player and the cartoonist Lambert & Company.

Cliff green and magicians get boxing and wrestling closing the end team at the YMCA put on a 5 reel feature picture says he has a macaron the speakerphone the YMCA recently also gave an outdoor show in the field be on the parade ground showing all of Thomas & Mack up much although it's got rather call the boys had a good time.


KC Portable Hut Coming and Work on New House Pushed


            Ladies of Auxiliary Active and Entertaining Dramatics Book for April 27th

 Before the expiration of ten days it is believed the KFC will not only have its portable building in operation but will have well under way the new building to go up on the old site 5th Street near 4th Avenue on the spirit shown by the KFC. Man the burning of their structure has Harley cause more than a ripple other than the fact that the fire might have endangered other structures in the vicinity covering most of the porch the KFC have placed his son Jaden to the passerby that in a very short time the structure will be replaced by bigger brighter and better Clubhouse. Everybody Wishes the KFC in the best of good luck in this work and that people in town know of The Splendid activities of the organization and Camp is amply manifested by the fact that in the recent drive and New York the Knights secured over five million dollars when they had only set a mark of $500,000.

Ladies active in helping

The kids he brought down a special ladies committee recently visited the base hospital and brought brightness and laughter and too many words. Young women have had training and experience and Hospital service work in New York but proclaim the convalescent. Camp Upton is most interesting they have yet met. Sunday is always a big day for both K of C buildings in the dancing program is particularly popular in the evening. One feature at the K of C Auditorium which deserves special mention is suspended by and watch the dances are conducted this is due to the particularly Good Hope listing which is done with excellent judgment. I started twirlers of the batons one afternoon the crowd assembled for the band concert was agreeably surprised when several amateurs volunteered songs. This was the signal for everybody in the building to unearth talent and at one time the patient pianist found a lineup of singers and even a monologue to make things interesting for the Sunday visitors.

Amateur drums sets coming

The camp Upton exhilarator organization of girls who have been doing so much for the men during the winter has come down with their own commissary always an excellent one. Serve refreshments and dance with the men of into of the K of C clubhouses. Some of the group it is hoped will be at the base hospital and be of service in the convalescent boards.

On April 27th at the K of C Auditorium. The Saint Clements dramatic Society of Saint Clements RC Church Mariners Harbor as I will come to Camp Upton and give an evening performance of the pair of sixes with matinee Saturday afternoon this organization was considerable local Fame has traveled to several Jersey towns that has and it's cashed several bright individual stars who may be counted upon to carry the play along.


Speaking of Equipment

 After reading over the recent letter regarding what officers shall take to France. We submit the following for the benefit of an indulgent parents so that they may have ample time to mortgage the Old Farm or sell The Hired Man. 1. No officer shall take more than 250 pounds of baggage. 2. This must include a folding chair, a folding house, a folding table, a horse, it's optional whether the horse shall be folding or not. A dozen pairs of boots capable of containing 6 pairs of socks on one foot each. A good overcoat, several other overcoats, a fur coat, and a Slicker capable of being worn as an Overcoat. A portable bathtub with hot and cold running water. If porcelain it may be worn in the city at all times. If tin it may only be one in the city during inclement weather. A coal stove with a Winter's supply of coal, a fountain pen, a piece of paper and a couple of 3-cent stamps, half a dozen dress shirts, a pair of snowshoes, a clean collar, a uniform (this item is optional) A pair of Arctic over shoes, and two pairs of shoes to be worn inside them (presumably these shoes will nest one inside the other like a camp cooking outfit.) A fancy vest an Irish Setter, 6 blankets, a box of matches, and a Gorgonzola cheese-Wadsworth gas attack.


As for Ruby Heard Draft Aases and is nowhere

 (Trench and Camp is particularly anxious that the new men become acquainted with the soldiers own newspaper. It is glad to publish anything of special interest to them or anything by them. This week a series has begun that will be concerned with personalities among the incoming rookies. If your name doesn't appear here don't blame Trench and Camp. One among so many! Bring your life history for Italian measurements and all that to the office YMCA headquarters Upton Boulevard.

After getting his ear full of draft cases as counsel for Local 434 and Brooklyn Conrad. Ruby Forest Company 152 D Depot for gate is gladly and joyfully wearing the uniform which signifies his own Passage through the regular Draft channel. With the Legal Aid Society Ruby who is a graduate of the New York University law school conducted over 200 hearings of draft cases and closed up the work 2 weeks before coming to update his father's Secretary of local 433.  

Although Ruby had a chance to get a commission at the non-combatant branch of service he chose to take a chance with everyone else and get into things as a fighting man. Besides having proved himself a young lawyer of extraordinary ability private Ruby is a wrestler and gymnasts of note. He throws his 208 pounds and the offsetting exercises with perfect poise control. He has played a good deal on Championship Brooklyn basketball and other athletic teams. He was also prominent in politics in his section serving as executive member of the 6th assembly district. Had the appointment been for a longer period he would have been appointed Municipal Court Justice in place of the late Judge Freifeld. Ruby is 28 years old and attended public schools Nos. 33 and 122, and graduated from boys High School in 1907. His home address is 1907 Willoughby Avenue.


MME Alda’s Triumph

 MME Francis Alda, the one plus ultra-songbird was given a “delirious ovation” by 3500 soldiers and she sang in the YMCA Auditorium Friday night. MME Alda gave a most generous program of popular ballads and patriotic airs and brought down the house when she sang the Marcellus and the Star-Spangled Banner. The 3500 soldiers who recently arrived at the captain from elsewhere gave the Charming Primadonna a rousing reception when she first appeared and Deluge her with plaudits. After age hunting contribution to her delightful program your wonderful voice and there is a sub Lee Magnetic Grace of personality and dear Demi although to the soldiers and they in Dubai they will fight all the better for her inspiring recital.


Splendid Concert by 306th Musicians

             A large crowd of visitors and soldiers escorts enjoyed one of the recent Sunday band concert by the 306 field artillery band in the YMCA Auditorium. Sergeant August as Galton leader one of the selections that one favor was a composition by Mr. Gault in March salute to Camp Upton. The rest of the program March “306th field artillery” Sousa; waltz,  Adele Briquet; fox trot, “Goulash;” Overture, “If I Were King,” Adam; “A musician astray in the forest” Herman; selection, “Her Soldier Boy,” Romberg; “crème-de-la-crème”  Toboni; song, “Only a year ago; solo for trombone and cornet played by Assistant Band Leader Schmidt and Private Knoll; two step “We're going over;” selection, “Only girl,” Herbert March, “Stars and Stripes Forever.”


Contralto Pleases

 Appearing several times over the camp at the YMCA Auditorium and at the Hutts, Miss Florence Bucklin Smith contralto of New York, won a large following of Upton soldiers during her recent program. It was selected when she used her splendid big boys with fine discrimination and Power.


Buffalo's the Dead Eye Dicks Called Best Shooting Yet on Range

 Companies Average 45 Thorough Preliminary Instruction Responsible

 These are strenuous mornings and afternoons for the Buffalo Huskies. Everyday 4:15 counting days these young Dead Eye dicks from Colonel Moses 267th for a job there on the rifle range and riddled the bull's-eye with five and 4. No Buffalo is considered respectable and in good standing and he makes at least four or five out of a possible five. They are Mary and Marksman and they kill the time between shoots with gas mask drill joking which needs no gas mask, sleeping, and practicing rapid fire without ammunition. The priorities of the colored Soldiers with the rifle has won enthusiastic Commendation from Lieutenant J.M.H Wallace of the Ordnance Department, rifle in structure and demonstrator.

Lieutenant Wallace has studied the scores of every regiment that has shot on the Upton range he says that the 367 swear “It's the best shooting I’ve seen at Camp.” The results are remarkable they speak highly for the preliminary instruction and that not being received it has been methodical and sorrow. It also speaks well for their new rifle the United States Army rifle model 1917 I do not believe there is better shooting in the National Army has not shown by the men of the Negro regiment.


Camp Upton Edition

 Somehow the car toheels sing a different tune on the way to the city from their mournful Thursday on the return Journey.

 A No. 10 Buffalo Buck private approaching a pal on the rifle range "Wheah am Am?"

"What you talk about-am am?”

“Don't you know the ‘nited states language? You mean wheah is are?”

“I know what I mean, am Am’nishun.”

 He was a kind-hearted Corporal in charge of the certain detail they had finished their labors and we're enjoying a bit of a rest every fellow came by whistling loudly

“Sh! Warned the K.H.C. “I wouldn't have you wake the detail for anything.”

 Military life is the best cover known from which to promote several love affairs at the same time it could provide wonderful Alibis and produce plausible reasons with cause and surely. Witness the private who hurried into the telegraph office he sees the blank and wrote to a loved one, “I'm in the guardhouse till further notice. Sorry can’t see you.” Seizing another blank these Doughboys are some seizers- he also wrote “Am in the guardhouse dear through no fault of my own. Some other time you will come.” Then seizing a third and last blank he indicted rapturously, “My own sweet. Come on the first train Sunday, will meet you at the station.”

 The joy is discovering the first spring robin is hollow compared to the Ecstasy of unearthing a raisin in the pudding.

 The issue of summer underwear lifts responsibly from many of private. Soho has been nearly insane trying to discover help Port Arms can be done with most of the bodily area under one large itch.

 Of course there are some Soho are able to write hopefully of anything. Such as the private who pens to his people: “I hope to get into the army sooner or later, but at present am in the Depot Brigade.” The close season on D.B. jokes will be declared May 15th. Do your Depot Brigade joking early.


True the divine right of kings is on the fritz. Which is to say it is around Fritz’s neck but won't be after the yank doughboys hoof has been planted there. But private Anxious who has been on mule-cleaning detail wants to know about the divine right of non-comes. Will that go to?


Liberty Bonds

 Upton soldiers desirous of doing a double-barreled bit can accomplish their laudable purpose by purchasing third liberty bonds. No particular energetic campaign is to be conducted here to induce soldiers to buy bonds, the reason for this being that many the reason for this being that many soldiers bought more second liberty bonds than they could carry. But all men who feel in a buying mood can make investments. There are three ways for soldiers to purchase bonds, first by plunking down the cash, second by making an allotment in favor of the Secretary of the Treasury, and third by private subscriptions. Though the soldiers particularly preferred private banks. Lieut. H. C. Schwab assistant to the cantonment received their Liberty Loans subscriptions at Camp Upton.


Dignitaries at outdoor 304th Color Blessing

 Major Lavelle and Bishop Greer Participate-Regiment Reviewed

             As functions come and go there have been few within this Long Island reservation more functionary than the one of last week for which the 304th field artillery still sponsor. It was the Russian version of mental dedication and color blessing and two of the highest church dignitaries and New York Grace the occasion. Major Michael J Lavelle Picard general of the Catholic Church of New York, the Cardinals representative, and the right Rev. David H Greer, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of New York. With major Lavelle was Major Luke J Evers and accompanying Bishop Greer was the writer of Charles asperge suffragan Bishop of New York. The party came to the camp and motor stripping by the volunteer members of the motor corp's national league for women's services who run their own cars for Patriot Enterprises. Contributing the glass Elaine and their own services and smart olive drab regimentals these young lads with their Snappy salute in the military bearing made many and Upton man feel glad he was a soldier to Adelaide B Baylis command. The outfit wearing the silver eagle of a Colonel.

Unlike the previous and/or color blessing ceremony is held by the Infantry regiments of the division the 304th, was in the open-air the smooth drill ground of Smithfield. A perfect spring the ramrod like alignments waving red artillery guide sergeant Dolcini Vent Van Dahl help make the occasion. Garland Little League of the Poets.

Major General J Franklin Bell Camp Commander brig-gen. Thomas H Reese 152 D Artillery Brigade and Brig Gen. William 84th infantry Brigade or present all altar was improvised with drums and flags placed upon it the stars and stripes and the regimental colors The burglars sound of the call to the colors in the participants took position about the altar beside the visiting clergyman there were Rev. William T Manning director of Trinity and the voluntary chaplain ruffnut Nathan C Blackman Camp Bravo Rabbi Lieutenant James Howard chaplain of the 304th and lieutenant John J Sheridan should plan of the 305th field artillery. Lieutenant Howard read this 27th Psalm in the shore address Colonel Raymond w Briggs commanding the 304 it stated the purpose of the Gathering and prayers for the colors were offered by Rabbi Richman major level and vision career Major John Bell on the visitors reviewed the regiment after the ceremony.


Recruit baton live bunch Captain Dreyfus is first provisional recruit Battalion released sometime at the YMCA Auditorium last week that made them gasp it was one of the best shows on has seen and some 3,000 soldiers searching stamp of approval they are on a record of some of the Battalion stars is given elsewhere in this issue


6,494 Rookies in 4 day More to Begin Coming Soon

 New Men of a Few Weeks Standing Can Boast Their Antiquity

 Beginning the last of this week April, 27th and continuing four days, the second increment of any size of the second draft will begin pouring into Camp. Before they are through 6,494 rookies will be here too. The landscape with their money and land that touch of color also to give the two weeks veterans an opportunity to show the fit of their new ideas and give them to the stock needle stuff and the rest preparations are well along. By the 189 local boards in New York to call 5932 men to the colors on those 4 days under orders issued by Martin Conboy, Draft Director. The men will be sent here immediately together with 562 men from Dutchess Putnam Westchester Nassau and Suffolk counties the quota for Manhattan will leave daily and regular trains from Long Island City to Pennsylvania terminal the men from Queens who leave on the 30th will entertain. Will it rain at various points 31 men from board 182 leave Woodhaven Junction at 10:40 a.m. 101 from boards 178-179 and 180 will and train at Glendale at 10:40 a.m. 36 from 4 to 183 and train at Philz Mint Hill at 10:45 a.m. 64 men from boards 184, 185 will depart from Jamaica 10:50 a.m. the 29 men from board 174 from Woodside at 9:47 a.m. on the 26th from Ward 176 leave Whitestone at 8:30 58 am 67 men from boards 175 + 177 in train at Elmhurst at 9:12 a.m. and 24th men from board 181 Avalon station at 9:05 a.m. District 1 222 inclusive are in the Bronx 2388 and Brooklyn 89 - 170 + Manhattan 171 to 185 and queens and 186th 189 Richmond.


Sergeant Maj Covington Stirring Em Up


Both officers and men have had a splendid impression of their French and British allies given them by the officers of the two missions who have been training the troops here for some months. Especially Half Men and it might be added non-coms value their contact with sergeant major Covington of the British gymnastic corpse. His strenuous efforts on behalf of the bayonet fighters have won him commendation from high officers. His thoroughgoing methods have been interested in the extreme to the men in his classes. Private Wellwood, a trench and Camp artist and the depot Brigade has drawn the above Memorial sketch of Sergeant Major Covington after witnessing him that work on the rookie.


Major Gen. Bell Inspires Buffaloes with Address

             Major Gen. J Franklin Bell delivered an inspiring address to the 367th Regiment, colored in the Buffaloes auditorium Friday night and was given a rousing big reception by the brunette warriors.

            Gen. Bell promised Col. James Moss, commanding the 367th that he would address the Buffaloes last November, but the speech, or rather heart-to-heart talk was deferred because of the General's departure for France. The talk proved well worth waiting five months to hear,

            Gen. Bell told the Buffaloes that the officers were their friend’s and that they should be the friends of the officers. He said he was particularly impressed by the brotherly feeling between officers and men in the French Army while he was “Over There,” and that the poilus took a pride in referring to “My Captain,” “My Lieutenant,” &c. The General congratulated the Buffaloes on their splendid soldierly appearance and their advanced training. He urged them as he has urged other soldiers at Upton to be cheerful and contented and not kick grumble or grouse.

            In honor of Gen. Bells Kentucky origin the Buffaloes sand “My Old Kentucky Home” with more gusto feeling fervor and harmony than they had ever sung it before.


Courage and kindness Shown by Upton Men in Bad Wreck

 Three Comrades Killed and 37 Injured One Rail Spreads

 Ability of Upton train men to meet sudden catastrophe coolly calmly and courageously was shown to a remarkable degree in the recent wreck at Central Islip 13 National army men from here were killed and 37 injured. Practically all the soldiers in the car is thrown from the truck were sleeping when the overturn came. There was no panic shouting or confusion and they climb from the windows through broken glass to aid their comrades who had been hurt. Men and equipment were piled into heaps and there was every cause for losing presence of mind and nerve but National Army Band don't do those things.

The train was traveling 30 miles an hour or 3 miles east of Central Islip about 4 in the morning suddenly. The second car of the train gave a terrific work and rolled down a 5-foot embankment into the ditch so than other cars were derailed leaving the locomotive and two other cars on the tracks. It was suspected at first that the wreck might have been the work of enemy aliens but the cause assigned by the railroad officials of a spread rail has been generally accepted here.

Signalman on the train tap the wires and sent word to the base hospital and within half-an-hour the injured men were receiving attention from the Physicians and surgeons of the Central Islip hospital. Whether the engineer ran with full-speed medical officers and nurses from Camp came and while we're on the way and then 3 hours all the injured men before and the bodies of the three killed or the base Hospital officers say there is every hope for the complete recovery of
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