The Way We Lived on Long Island and in New York City

Imagine your neighborhood in the 1700’s. Did it even exist yet? How about in the 1800’s? Many of the streets we walk, the buildings we visit and the woods we pass by in the car have a story to tell. These are the places where people once settled and lived a simpler life. Or more difficult, depending on the way you look at it. There are many old buildings and cemeteries that we can visit today. Names that are long forgotten, names that we are familiar with on street signs never questioning who they were. Imagine when main roads were dirt, when it took a day to venture what we can travel in a hour. Imagine big hotels and boarding houses along the road for weary travelers. Bringing your wheat to be milled, only owing a few pieces of clothing and one pair of shoes, having to build your own house.

This WebQuest will bring you back in time to Colonial Long Island, through the Revolutionary War, up to the mid-20th century and into the lower east side of Manhattan’s tenement buildings.

Let your journey begin……..
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